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Facilitator, Trainer, Educator

This website gives an overview of my work in the field of education.
For further information and/or if you are interested in cooperating with me, please contact me via mail@jochendallmer.net
Looking forward hearing from you!


Main topics  I have been working on are:

  • Education for sustainable development.
  • Political topics (Globalisation, development, Europe, Human Rights, Tolerance, Democracy and many more).
  • Intercultural learning and international co-operation.
  • Trainings on soft skills like communication, teamwork, presentation skills, problem solving.
  • Train the trainer work on Education of sustainable development, education basics, facilitation skills.


Besides the usual set of methods that are used working with small and large groups, like moderating plenary discussions, etc.  I am experienced with:

  • Betzavta (Democracy Learning Methodology)
  • A World of Difference (Method for Tolerance and Anti-Bias work)
  • Open Space Technoly, World Cafe
  • „Zukunftswerkstatt“ (Future Workshop, method for developing ideas for change)
  • creative work: theatre work, clowning, creative campaigning in public space

International educational work

I have broad experience in working with international groups and in international teams for over 15 years, working and living in various countries in Europe and abroad.The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

Happiness and sustainability

Since 2014 I am pursuing a Phd-Thesis work on the topic on how happiness and sustainability are linked and in how this connection could contribute to more sustainable lifestyles. I also combine this topic with my educational work by giving lectures and facilitating workshops on the topic. For more details visit www.glueckundnachhaltigkeit.de/english


Since 1999 I am active in (international) educational work, starting with international workcamps and youth encounters, later on proceeding to trainings and facilitating conferences. A selection of my (international) work:

Expert on ESD in the project KonsUmdenken of BUNDjugend in Germany and Ecocentric in Bulgaria
Expert on ESD for the German-Polish Youth Office, developing and facilitating trainings for teachers.
Developing and facilitating international Projects, e.g. 2009 in Kosovo with EraGroup.
Facilitating more than 30 international youth seminars at the International Haus Sonnenberg, (1999-2011)
Facilitating trainings on Human Rights Education (Report)

I also worked as project manager for Young Friends of the Earth Germany, managing the project WELTbewusst including international contacts.
And as project assistant at Germanwatch for makeITfair.

Since 2013 I hold a teaching assignment at the University of Hildesheim, Dep. of Social and Organisation Pedagogics, teaching theory and methods of educational work.
Since 2015 I hold a teaching assignment at the University of Kassel, Dep. of Social Sciences, teaching theory and methods of educational work.

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